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#42280 - If not pretty, Emma Jelkon was an attractive woman of forty seven, and while age had taken away her youthful slimness, it had been replaced by a womanly body that was firm, with just a hint of pudginess in her belly and ass. Knowing that her vagina is probably in need of a hard penis, now is the time to ask her if she would like to see your hardon, she said expained softly, she will already know that it's hard, and if she is in the mood, she may want to see and touch it, and since I am trying to teach you what girls need, I want you to stand up and take off your jeans and under shorts for me!!! Not sure quite what to do, Timmy stood up slowly and looked around the room, as if to see if anyone else was there, and after looking back at Emma and seeing her standing in the nude with that beautiful body, he unzipped his pants, and with one quick motion pulled them down with his shorts, as sis hard erection stood proudly before its first naked female!!! What a lovely erection you

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Miko mido
Much love
Kuro matsumi
She needs dick too after all those microphones