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#185308 - and how would you do that she said as she glanced over i'm sure i can think of something i said staring at her booted legs and already knowing what i would do. it was then that i realised the babysitter was still there and wendy was taking her son to the cinema to see lord of the rings and said she would drop me home on the way, whilst in the car we got talking about this and that and onto relationships (she asked if i was seeing anyone, to which i lied and said no) and wendy said as a single mum of four halfcast kids (the oldest having left home at sixteen) that it was hard to find a decent man and that most men only wanted her for one thing. and leaving my cousin to go see who was there i settled in for what was going to be a boring uneventful evening (my current girlfriend was working til eleven and i was meant to meet her when she finished) it was then that my cousin came back in the room to say there was a blonde woman at the door wanting to see me, intriged i got off

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