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#336187 - Her ass began to move, and that tight, hot cunt shook with it, moving faster and wilder than I’d ever seen a woman’s body move, like a belly-dancer, until I thought my dick was going to twist right off my body! And again, when I thought I couldn’t hold back another second, she stopped, slowed her movements to a relaxing tempo, and her muscles clamped down so tight I felt like I was being strangled down there… My orgasm subsided again, and she slowly slid off my cock, her eyes locked on mine, and moved forward ever so slightly… and slid back down, her tight little ass opening to my dick and taking it all the way in one smooth stroke. From the moment I told her to get up, her eyes were once more downcast… I was starting to like that. She knelt at my feet, her head almost touching the floor, and said, “How may I serve my master?” This was something they learned from another woman who came there a couple times a week… how to behave as a slave.

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