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#310006 - Then more memories…after my brother and I were surfing with Percy sitting around with a Primo Beer before the Don Ho show and how he would tell us of the cute little haole girl who loved to play with his uncircumcised penis and his balls…always stroking his balls for some reason as though that was the way she had learned was part of sucking cock…to stroke him when he was soft and make the soft smooth pink head of his cock emerge from his foreskin…she would look up at him, smile, and begin to lick him…he would laugh when telling us about her…she seemed fascinated with his pinkness and wanted to lick and suck him until he came but he’d never let her…it wasn’t his thing…he loved that haole more than the rest of Don’s little cuties…loved to take her away from licking…lift her head away…she would resist but then she would lie back, spread herself for him, he would fit himself into her tight, hot cunt…as he said it was…she was his “Okay” girl…and he would fuck and fuck her as hard as he co

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