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#168399 - Did you ever study any of Master Jamerson’s works?” Kai blinked and furrowed his brow a little, the shift in conversation drawing him to a pause, “I, er, yes, he was the Master Illusionist here maybe, seventy years ago?” Layla nodded in affirmation, “Did you read about his personal life? Or just his work?” “Just his work,” Kai conceded. He focused for a moment and the cock, hard and thick between his fingers grew slick with lube causing Elle to giggle as she again broke the kiss. ” She said, glancing worriedly back towards the door before looking back and down to the boy eagerly pleasuring her sensitive nipple, his eyes closed as he enjoyed the full softness of her massive breast against his face, “Is it safe for us to…” He nodded, drawing back, her nipple popping free from his lips as he looked up, “Yes, she won't hear us…” She frowned a little, noting the illusion he’d made to block out their noise, “Oh, Kai… You know maintaining two illusions for any time gives

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