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#122314 - I walked to the bath room to get the sleeping pills that I took a few times a week I would take them every night but that stuff is addictive anyway I had been so used to this routine that I didn’t notice the bathroom light was on and just swung the door open as usual and froze when I saw my sister masturbating on the toilet, I couldn’t help but look; her long hair was down almost to her boobs she has cream colored skin that invites you to touch it, dark soulful eyes, large but still natural tits and that’s as far as I got before a loud “David what the fuck” snapped me out of my daze and managed a sorry as I grabbed the pill bottle and stumbled out back to my room somewhere along the way noticing that my dick was hard. I stood up took her into my arms just holding her like I was keeping her from falling to pieces literally as much I was metaphorically and whispered to her “it’s not that I don’t want you I just know it’s wrong for me to have you.

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