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#328948 - I suggested we take it home, to save driving as much, Pauline looked a bit strange at me, but said ok, we can do that, so packing up some food we took of, wth Jerry in the back seat. It didn't take long before his cock grew, so I told Pauline to knell on the edge of the bed, and aimed his cock at her butt, I gave her the poppers, she took a good few sniffs as Jerry took aim, I held his cock and made sure it went in her arse, at first she jumped , but soon he was pounding her hard, then the knot went in, swelling to full size once more held him in tight, I lay under her, licking her clit, Jerry going wild fucking her butt, then I saw his cock grow, and jerk, I knew she was feeling his cum inside her now. Wednesday morning, I woke Pauline with a good fuck,and a piss session again, by now she was right into that, and I made some more phone calls.

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So fucking sexy
Unbelievably hot what a stamina