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#251965 - i look out the window fucinhigh08: “oh my god you little slut” i say pulling the car over on the highway yankees2girl: what! it wasnt like that! fucinhigh08: “erica tell me you didn’t sleep with him” yankees2girl: dad… i start crying a little he said he loved me fucinhigh08: “he said he loved you…he just wanted some teenage pussy” i say looking at you disgusted yankees2girl: its not like that, i thought youd understand fucinhigh08: “what you mean its not like that” yankees2girl: he’s not like the other guys dad i dont look you in the eyes fucinhigh08: i grab your chin and make you look at me, “all guys are the same including your dad. ” i say tossing your chin away as i lean back in my seat yankees2girl: i look up at you with pleading eyes your my dad! i cant do that fucinhigh08: “why not? you can fuck jason but you cant fuck your dad?” yankees2girl: its just wrong fucinhigh08: “no it aint” i say unziping my pants .

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