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#230054 - Peter said no it was fine with him and that he had had a good perv of Jan and how he would like to pursue his chances with her, either as a foursome or perhaps just the two of them alone might be easier with her to start with. “Well if you think so Jim, I certainly want to try the Spa, but this bikini is nothing more than a thong and two pasties for a top, I am sure they must have got this from Colombia, it’s just as well I waxed before we came away or all my pubes would be sticking out all over the place!” Jan looked hotter than I had ever seen her before, the top barely covered her nipples and the material on the G just covered her pussy lips, I was sure Peter was looking forward to seeing Jan, if he did not crack a hard on I would be surprised. “Well I think you are a very lucky man too Jim, I reckon Jan is so sexy and I have not even seen her in the nude! We might have to do something about that eh Jan?”, before breaking out into a chuckle.

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