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#89673 - Jimmy desperately tried to turn away so he couldn't be seen but it was all for nothing as Matt commented on the exceptional hardness of his meat! Turning back to face his new friend a stunned Jimmy saw that Matt's huge pecker was also getting hard!! A smile from Matt was all Jimmy needed as he walked over and began slowly jerking the monster organ. Finally Jimmy broke away and dropped to his knees and immediately began sucking the huge head. Jimmy looked up at Matt and said, I need this in my ass, can you give me a good fucking right now, please!?! Matt chuckled, pulled Jimmy to his feet, kissed him hard on the mouth and replied, Sure, lean against the wall and spread your legs wide! Jimmy got into position and tried to relax his ass, because this was the biggest cock he had ever had inside of him, and he was pretty sure that initially, it might be a little painful! Matt took a bar of soap and generously lubricated Jimmy's ass hole, preparing it for the fucking tha

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