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#4467 - She says Just relax and enjoy the massage then she leans forward and kisses my ear and cheek and she says You make me feel so safe my strong protector and she massages me a bit more and then says I had ordered some pizza and it should be here soon, there's another robe in the bathroom if you want to get dressed before the pizza man comes . As the city rebuilds after the devestating earthquake all schools are closed and mom was given some paid time off from work and after driving me to a motel she says Until the condo is fixed were going to be living here but don't worry my insurance will cover everything and we should be back home in a month . All logic has flown out the window at this point and now I'm running on pure instinct so putting one of her legs over my non injured shoulder and her other leg around my waist and I slide my cock deep into her cunt and I start to fuck her hard, fast and deep.

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