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#414811 - And it couldn't be my long black hair, styled in bunches like Abby from NCIS, or my bright red lipstick and Goth make-up, or the scarlet polish on all my nails, hands and feet. It turned out to be a large, butch lady (being polite) trucker who leant forwards over me as she pushed my cock into her deep cleavage and started tit fucking me, again the power of the arse fucking provided enough movement and I soon splashed more of my spunk over her boobs. My own cock going pleasure/pain rigid as I shot my first load, which mainly dropped on my basque and throat.

Read Gay Fuck 部活中の女の子を・前編(殺害・ぶっ掛け編) Chupa 部活中の女の子を・前編(殺害・ぶっ掛け編)

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Ayase aragaki
Wow that beautiful fresh pussy
Ai nanasaki
Damn so hot haighlee reminds of my ex wife makes me miss her love you both 33