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#366489 - He continued this for a good twenty minutes as she continued to moan and shiver, she would unconsciously raise her back and close her thighs around his head only to relax and start again, problem was his tongue was starting to fall asleep and he was getting a pain in his back by staying in that position too long, he took one last lick and unlatched his arms from her thighs, he stood up and had a quick stretch, time for plan B, all good men know that there are more than one sensitive area for women and for some the simple act of breast feeding is arousing, he lay by her side and lifted her nightie higher giving him a first class look at her breasts that he had not sucked on for so many years, he always tried to get a peek at her melons simply because they were always there, never once had he thought that one day he would be in this position. ” They smiled. “Charles…” She called after him, but he was gone, she felt miserable, he was a good boy, and he surely meant well, but it was wron

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