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#201796 - She looked so happy, covered in dog cum, and her ass and pussy still leaking cum, so when three more guys got her and filled all her holes, I sat watching, knowing just 4 days ago she hadn't taken a cock in her ass at all, now she was taking anything they wanted to shove in her. After we had fucked Sandy for awhile, telling Sandy to use the amyl, I slid Gary's cock in her ass, and then pushed mine in with him, Sandy went wild her ass opening up to take us both but she loved it, more orgasms shot though her. Sandy saw me her eyes wide as Jack continued to lick my ass, I smiled then told Jack to mount me, kneeling near Sandy, Jack jumped up, his front paws over my shoulder his cock going straight in.

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Lucky bastard
Tieria erde
Hope they didn t break up