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#289354 - When Anna could get Susan to listen to her she told her what she had heard at lunch and that it was the first time she had known of the rumour, Anna asked why someone would start it and Susan told her that another girl, Claire from the other class, had seen Susan talking to an older boy. A moan escaped Mikes throat, ‘you’re beautiful Anna’ he whispered, feeling a glowing warmth at the compliment Anna casually reached over and undid Susan’s top helping it to fall down, Susan gave a little yelp and tried to cover herself at first, then rising to the challenge she took the top right off giving Anna a daring look to do the same. Mike was now sitting on the sofa across from the bedroom door, as the girls entered they stopped at the edge of the sofa and both twirled so that the sundresses the worn flared out showing off their young firm legs, then they both leant forward so the necklines dropped forward, Mike was now leaning forward intently.

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