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#21589 - Tyler was always the best looking in the royal family I suppose it was to be expected eh is next in line for the throne but, he is tall with dark toned skin and very muscular, he's all ways admired by any girl of any age everyone would want him even he wasn't of royal blood, but now I know what he does to women I despise the guy and will not be begging for sex from at all happy 18th Ty I got you a virgin this month you should have great fun with her As Justin says this he walks over unlocks me from the wall and throws me towards Tyler, he catch's me by my upper arm and holds my steady in his strong grip thanks bro Is all Tyler says in his wonderful deep dark voice I can feel myself starting to lust over him as he back's out the door dragging me with him. I pound on Justin's chest to get him away from which he does, but only by a couple of centimeter's he start's to laugh deeply and continues what he was saying before  I might take you back

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