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#101781 - My hands now moved where they had yearned to go for quite some time: lifting her now sodden nightie up, forcing her to release hold of my cock for a few seconds, as I raised it over her arms and head and threw it away somewhere. She was re-invigorated, it seemed, and facing me she commenced to grind up and down and around on me; this position also put her tits straight in front of my face – who could resist? Not me, as I cradled one in my hand, tweaked the nipple, and then buried my face into its fold, my tongue lapping that nipple before my mouth engulfed it and its surrounds. Amazingly, after my own months of no sex, I hadn’t yet exploded, but I was incredibly happy to see Mae feeling satisfied – truthfully, to give a woman happiness in sex has always been my objective.

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