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#91461 - He starts holding me by the throat and squeezing just a little while he fucks my mouth. So I leave and the cum is streaming down my legs but I don't care, I just want more dick so I'm looking and there's an alley with a bunch of guys so I walk up to them and open my coat and they can't line up fast enough to do me, so I roll up my coat and use it as a pillow and lie down on a dirty cardboard box on the ground next to a dumpster, and as soon as I do, right away, there's a guy spreading my legs and then he's in me and pumping in and out fast and hard and it takes him a whole two minutes to unload his cum inside me. I stop and talk to one kind of older, fat guy for a minute and slowly I undo the belt on the coat and then open it, and I watch the guy's mouth open and a couple of his buddies are watching this, and then they're all staring like they can't believe this and so I ask them if there's somewhere private we can go, and oh, yeah

Read Fucking Sex Monster Panic! - Dragon quest v Tranny Porn Monster Panic!

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Haruka nanami
Lucky man and thanks for sharing
Ayumi yoshida | amy yeager
Thats a world class performance
Irina jelavic
Doesnt know to save a little room at the tip as a catch lol noob
The way they sucked his cock need so bad rn hornyyyyyyyy