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#264231 - It was about 1:30am when I hear Monica bang open the front door totally drunk and laughing, Monica was pretty and always had a good time when she was always drinking and partying, she was pretty cool for an old lady too and she said help me get your mom in the house she’s plastered drunk, mom was laying on the walkway outside. holy crap I was sitting there in shock and now mom was wanting me to learn sex from her wow this was the greatest night ever, Mom was laying their completely naked and I was in Heaven , I grabbed Moms feet and pulled her legs apart real slow and easy since I was shaking and scared but very Horney and happy so now I had her legs open far enough to see her Pink pussy lips and this was exciting her too she was breathing hard and her pink pussy lips were glistening wet ,this view was great I thought, then just as I was loving it she started saying touch it it’s ok’ So I reached over and touched my mother’s pussy while she was awake looking right at me and ok with i

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