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#355134 - Ok girl to the auction block came the voice from an outer stage that Jessica assumed was the voice of the auctioneer, Jessica and the other four girls in her group were lead out to the stage blind folded, as to not being able to see who would be bidding on them, while the bidders also did their own meat inspections fondling the young girl's bodies. Ill pay $95. Once inside the slaughter room Jessica could already see the girls she had called friends all day, being man handled by four butchers, each girl was first forced to perform many sexual acts before her butcher finally took his knife to her throat and cut it, forcing a sharp hook through each foot the girls were lifted up high into the air to slowly bleed out, die, gutted, washed out, their pussies filled with stuffing and then sewn back up, then silver tags attached to each of the girls pussy lips.

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