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#209803 - we went to southbank and talk to a bit and it came to about 6pm it was a normal british winter night, cold but the lighted up skys made you feel warm inside i wispered in her ear lets go to a more private place and grabed her hand we went to north greenwhich station a very busy station but round the outside of it was the most private place you could ever go. The foot steps got closer and closer it was a women in her 20's it seems she just stood there watching these two teenagers fuck eachothers brains out she grabed my ass cheeks and said nice and firm i didnt take any notice nor did mallory she was still screaming omg chris omg im going to reach my prime i continued to fuck her i could feel myself brusing mallory screamed and i felt this warm liqud slither down my shaft i put my hand on my shaft and licked my fingers it was her cum i tasted her cum it soon made me cum mallory made me lick it all up again. I got on the train and rushed my way to see her she was standing

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