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#309331 - With a deep and forceful thrust, he gave Ginny all that he had and collapsed on top of her, surprised just a little when Ginny whispered very softly, I don’t think Hermione’s there yet and she wiggled her body a little closer to the other couple on the bed and reached toward Hermione’s brown curls. Harry was first to lift his face and for a moment, he sat with his feet under him watching Ron lap at Hermione’s pussy while Ron’s unattended erection throbbed. Harry assumed he must be doing something right because Ginny closed her eyes and purred like a kitten as he massaged and stroked her while they kissed, but then it occurred to him how differently Ginny tasted compared to just an hour earlier, and he realized part of the wetness he’d felt when their mouths first touched was Hermione; Ginny’s face had been buried between his best friend’s thighs only moments before, and not only was he tasting Ginny’s mouth, but Hermione’s pussy as well.

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