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#151633 - So we got get to our positions, but when were setting up are team sniper walks up, (John Peterson is his name, deadly son of a bitch, wears an eye patch; most people thinks he lost a eye, but that is a lie, he wears it cause he uses his right eye for day time sniping and the left for night time. When I lowered my gun a second to survey the scene, I felt a pain shoot through my leg, and fell to my knee, I turned and saw a guy with a pistol in his hand, a look of hate in his eyes, when he pulled the trigger and shot me in the shoulder, I fell back, on my back from the pain I looked up and saw someone right above him with a 870MCS, he pulled the trigger and blew the bastards brain out all over the street, our medic, Don Smith rushed over to me and helped my stand up, he looked at me and said, “sir are you ok!?” but before I could reply I saw a man run out with a G3, I threw Don to the side and brought my M416 to bare and unloaded into the guys chest, to see him crumple. ” H

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Girl on the right is gorgeous all 3 are awesome
Harumi kiyama
You are so adorable