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#233946 - He picks her up and places her on the bed where he spreads her legs and starts to eat and finger her pussy, after a while he grabs her ankles in his hands and he slides every inch of his rock hard cock deep into her pussy and he starts to fuck her hard, fast and deep. After getting a patent on his invention he went to the FBI and after proving his gas works by giving an FBI agent temporary amnesia they wrote him a cheque worth 5 million dollars, taking the cheque Walter thought to himself [ This is the best day of my life, and everyone said there was no money in chemistry, how could life get any better? ] little did he know that his life was about to get a whole lot sweeter. Interviewed by news stations and late night comedians one of them asks So what does a filthy rich nobel prize winner do when your not curing diseases or donating large sums of money to several charities? Walter laughs and says Just chilling and everyone laughs.

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