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#125361 - He slowly gets up and looks in the mirror him taking a look at his own naked body and seeing his morning wood staring right at him. Miguel begins to stick his whole cock inside his whole trying not to give him any pain since he hasn't done this in a while “Miguel don't try to go easy on me bud I want to enjoy that sweet teen cock of yours inside me”Miguel smiles at him “Ok if you want it that badly Mike get ready”. He than slowly moves his head down as Mike's legs are still lifts and licks his hairy and sweaty ball sack than lifts his ball sack up with one band so he can see Mike's sweet manly asshole and looks at Mike and grins and begins to eat out Mike's ass hole sticks his tongue as deep as he can and making sure he licks all around the rim of his asshole so it is nice and wet for his cock.

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