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#299676 - She looks down at you as she lowers it towards your face, closer and closer she stops just above your face as a drop of her juices falls from the lips onto your lips, your tongue snakes out taking it from your twitching lips, you taste for the first time another woman, strong musky, you feel the tongue go to work on your own aching pussy licking and running up and down the length making you shake and groan louder with each pass. The other woman is slightly shorter though no less attractive with dark brown hair, her breasts aren’t as large but you’re shocked to notice her aureoles are very dark almost black and her nipples are large and fat. Unable to control yourself now you raise your head and lick the waiting pussy, you have no control and you’re unable to try to copy the other tongue and you attack the pussy above you burying your tongue between the lips licking and sucking them almost trying to devour them to get at the juices within.

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