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#115377 - Then after they had all finished urinating on me they started toward the door. I don't know how long he had been getting me to lick on it, when all of a sudden he said, Don't move, don't move, and he stepped up to the side of the urinal and before I could even figure out what was going on, he released his yellow-colored pee, splashing it against the back of the urinal, where it then ran down slowly to where I was licking. The same little open mouth that my warm soft tongue had licked the pee and the pubic hairs from just minutes before.

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Grace oconnor
Omg wow i watch alot of porn and id have to say this was one of my top 5 vids i loved it and you almost getting caught was the best your desire to cum so badly is a huge turn on i too have that feeling sometimes loved it i will watch every one of them im sure
Oda nobunaga
Lovely great hentai