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#60783 - Then she pointed me to place where ball placed and then ask my name and I tell her whole detail about me and then she ask me about staying on roof So I became a little bold and tell her that I was staying there for watching her. And waiting for response her sister-in-law open the door and I apologize to her and ask her for my ball, she gave me a smile and gave me a way to move upstairs then I see that she is pregnant so due to this reason she give me way to get ball myself cause she can't move upstairs. So The elder one is NABEELA and She got 3 Kids which are all girls but She is too much sexy due to their pregnancies She become healthy but not enough so She got about fig of 40-30-40, with milky skin.

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Yui yuigahama
Swing her i need the head
Maya jouga
Yaay happy to hear that thanks