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#228283 - He quickly picked up speed with very little effort as his strides lengthened until he noticed that he had run further than expected he slowed to a stop wondering what the hell had happened as he made his way in through the gate of the dump he called school and went to his second class of the day. Pulling back he checks the time, moaning in disappointment he puts her panties back on then pulls down her gown and fetching the blanket off the floor and placing it over her, noticing he still has ten minutes he moves to her face quickly going back to full hardness with a few quick jerks he places his tip against her lips and pushes firm but gradually against her lips until they part allowing them inside. Lately she has started to notice a tingling in her finger tips when she is concentrating and it is slowly starting to have an odd effect, when the topic is on healing and curing the body, the class feels good and energised.

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