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#37373 - I tell her that we did a background check on her and we know that if we didn’t buy her stepfather would have raped her or sold her to someone else and she would have been dead. When she asks where does she sign at I give her a pen she ask when does she get paid and Rob tells her at the end of the training I tell her that she must take her clothes off, so we can look at her she has nice breast I ask her if she has ever had sex with a boy and she says no I ask if she has ever been penetrated she says no she doesn’t let girls stick anything in her. When a knock on the door comes I look up at the monitor to see who it Gina I tell her to come in and she tells us that one of the new slaves is acting up, so I tell her to take her to the TV room and make sure the rest of the slaves are there.

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Chifusa manyuu
Hot hot hot would love to have someone eat my cum from my wife s pussy like that
Ako suminoe
I like this concept lol
Takane shijou
I love her